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Boboli presents Summer Reading

The children’s brand launches this campaign that seeks to promote reading in children as a creative experience, without limits for their fun and imagination.

boboli, Spanish children’s fashion brand, presents its campaign “SUMMER READING”, whose mission is to promote curiosity and the habit of reading in children, from a new original and playful perspective, with books as a creative experience, not passive , where children send and there are no limits to their imagination and fun.

For this, boboli is inspired by different aspects related to reading, as a “Guide for beginners and adventurers”:

  1. Choose YOUR book. There are them for all tastes, like ice cream!
  2. Search YOUR favorite place. On the beach, in bed or on top of a tree!
  3. Read as YOU want. Alone, with a pet, upside down… No rules!
  4. Travel where YOU want To China, to the moon or to Prehistory, there are no limits!
  5. YOU decide the end. The end of a book is not on the last page, it can be changed by another, tell a friend or donate it… and follow the adventure!

To reinforce this initiative, boboli will support reading from all of the brand’s communication channels, proposing new and innovative ways of reading, recommendations for exciting books and advice for children to discover that reading is the best adventure of the summer.

In addition, boboli will launch this summer a limited edition of t-shirts with motivational messages, also inspired by reading as a game.

With this campaign, boboli intends to take a step forward in its philosophy of socially responsible business and committed to the world of children, through the promotion of educational activities that help the integral development of children as great human beings.

Video campaign Summer Reading